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AKA MBOptionScreen Standalone.
Previously, a fork of ModLib that was de-forked.

MCM is a Mod Options screen library designed to let modders use its API for defining the options.
It can also display settings from other API's like ModLib, pre 1.3 and post 1.3, MBOv1/MCMv2, by using the compatibility layer modules.

MCM supports two setting types - Global and PerSave. Global are shared across characters and saves, PerSave are stored within the save file!

It provides 5 types of options:

  • Bool
  • Int Slider / Textbox
  • Float Slider / Textbox
  • Textbox
  • Dropdown
  • Button

The settings can be defined at compile time by using the Attribute API and at runtime by using the Fluent Builder.



Requires Bannerlord.Harmony, Bannerlord.UIExtenderEx, Bannerlord.ButterLib.


Add this to your .csproj. Please not that IncludeAssets="compile" is very important!

    <PackageReference Include="Bannerlord.MCM" Version="4.3.16" IncludeAssets="compile" />